Muslim body files plaint after Priya Varrier went viral with a wink


Priya, who learns music and dance, was initially selected to do a small role in the upcoming film Oru Adaar Love and the song in the film "Manikya Malaraya", has turned viral in the internet world.

Meanwhile, a new teaser of Priya Prakash Varrier's film got released and social media just could not stop talking about her.

The Academy has demanded a ban on the song for disregarding religious sentiments claiming that the lyrics are against Islamic laws. On the eve of Valentine's Day another video of Priya Prakash was released which again won millions of hearts. I don't know why there's a controversy now.

Her earlier 28-second clip, with a wink, and a shy but mischievous smile turned the 18-year-old into an Internet sensation. "Manikya Malaraya Poovi (a precious pearl flower)" is a Mappila folk song that describes the story of Prophet Muhammad's love and marriage with his first wife Khadija. However the case did not refer to the young actress Priya who overnight became a sensation across the country.

"I pinch myself to see if what is happening to me is real", an excited Priya says, when "Metrolife" called her up. Priya has also said that the movie isn't complete yet, and she'd return for the shoot.

One of the complainants said that they got the Malyalam song translated and got it confirmed that the song has mention of the prophet. "The song has received good response", Varrier, whose Instagram following has now reached 3.3m and the numbers are growing, said. She said, "To be very honest, that was the first take that we went for!" So he told me if I can do the eyebrow thing and wink at him. I said I can give it a try. "Since it was late and the students had all gone home, I could not meet her", Therattil told IANS.

The Oru Adaar Love starring Priya Prakash Varrier, Siyadh Shajahan and Noorin Shereef is all set to hit the silver Screen on 1st March 2018.