Prisoner Who Escaped by Swapping Places With Twin Is Recaptured


Seizing on the opportunity, Delgado Herrera-also known by the alias Vaporito-allegedly drugged his brother, stole his clothes and ID, and walked out of the prison.

One of Peru's most-wanted criminals, who carried a bounty of 20,000 soles (over $6,000) was arrested on Monday.

The inmate, a man named Alexander Delgado, had been serving 16 years for child sexual abuse and robbery, when he was visited by his twin, Giancarlo.

His brother Giancarlo, visited him on January 10, 207, in Piedras Gordas prison, only to be arrested later and investigated on suspicion of collusion in his brother's escape.

The arrest of Alexander Delgado Herrera marks the end of a year-long manhunt.

If you recall, on Arrested Development George Bluth Sr. drugged his twin brother Oscar in a courthouse bathroom, shaved his head, then escaped out the window before police discovered the brother.

Peruvian authorities finally caught up with Herrera on February 13, according to a statement from the Ministry of the Interior. The 27-year-old, who was jailed in 2015, had managed to escape Ancón I penitentiary in Piedras Gordas (near the Peruvian capital of Lima) a year ago.

But he was not charged and has now been released.

"We submitted it to an identification process to have a greater identity accuracy and not to make mistakes with his twin brother", the official said. Authorities have not given any more details on the case but he is expected to be transferred to a maximum security prison.

Mr Delgado Herrera's life on the lamb ended on on Tuesday (local time) when authorities located him in the seaside district of Callao.