Lucknow University Bars Students From Campus On Valentine's Day


The students have slammed the circular advising the students to not celebrate Valentine's Day in the university premises.

The university's decision has created a huge row. "But all students are informed that February 14 is a holiday at the university for the Maha Sivaratri festival", the advisory read. "Disciplinary action will be taken against those found sitting or roaming in the campus", Singh added.

According to local news outlet NDTV, the university issued a weird order telling students to be seen on the campus grounds "under no circumstances" while parents and guardians were told to not send their children to college.

The directive triggered protests from the students, who decried the ban.

"We all appeal the parents of the student not to send to sent their wards to the university".

"A few words may have been included owing to an oversight by the proctor office", he said.

Many students objected the advisory of university by saying that ordering students to not enter in University was "Tuglaqi farman".

"You've declared a holiday on that day, but telling students to not enter university premises isn't right at all". Four years ago, it issued a set of dos and don'ts for its students for V-Day.

The advisory did not explicitly mention that the campus would be shut due to Valentine's Day.

Right-wing Hindutva organisations have been opposing the expression of love on Valentine's Day calling the celebration against the Indian culture. The ADG Law and Order Anand Kumar said that adequate police force would be deployed on Thursday at public places to ensure no one is harassed.