Kim Jong Un keen to boost dialogue with South Korea


"In the days before the Olympics, all the news was about Kim, not South Korea", she said.

The Global Times was bowled over by North Korea's cheerleading team and orchestra, and the joint Korean women's ice hockey team.

CNN called Kim Yo Jong's entry in South Korean President Moon Jae-in's guestbook during the 2018 Winter Games a "warm message", but it may have instead been a threat to destroy South Korea.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has praised the welcome the South gave the North's high-level delegation last week, which included his sister Kim Yo Jong.

And in extraordinary scenes the North Korean leader's sister Kim Yo Jong cheered the unified team together with the South's President Moon Jae-in in the defeat on Saturday to Switzerland. Look no further than where the two Koreas are - especially regarding the North's nuclear and missile ambitions - after two summits, including the historic 2000 meeting between Kim Dae-jung and Kim Jong-il. Others burned effigies of the North Korean leader, advocating "tearing Kim Jong-un to death", according to global newspaper Firstpost.

North Korea has made clear that it does not intend to negotiate away its nuclear and missile programs in return for relief from global sanctions.

The invitation, delivered by Mr. Kim's visiting sister Kim Yo-jong, said he was willing to meet the South's leader "at the earliest date possible", said a spokesperson for the presidential Blue House.

While an American member of the International Olympic Community has suggested the joint Korean team should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, some headlines in mainstream Western outlets have seemingly glorified the 30-year-old Kim.

This time, the North's sudden peace overture may well be part a propaganda tactic aimed at taking advantage of the Moon government's engagement policy to improve its image and loosen global sanctions against its nuclear and missile provocations. But the prospect could sow division between the dovish leader, who has long argued for engagement with the nuclear-armed North to bring it to the negotiating table, and U.S. President Donald Trump, who past year traded personal insults and threats of war with Mr. Kim.

As a effect, North Korea has been winning much of the American media's attention - and it's largely been positive. "So the maximum pressure campaign is going to continue and intensify".

Speaking at a sports diplomacy photo exhibition in Gangneung, a sub-host city of the February 9-25 games, he also touted the two Koreas' joint women's hockey team as carrying a significant meaning. The North has refused to negotiate over its nuclear weapons as it nears its goal of being able to launch an atomic-tipped missile that could strike the USA mainland. Matters are not so simple till the United States does not relinquish its hold on South Korea.

Pence said Moon updated him about the meeting he had with North Korean officials and said, "both of us reiterated to each other tonight that we will continue to stand strong and work in a coordinated way to bring maximum economic and diplomatic pressure to bear on North Korea". "But if you want to talk, we'll talk", he added.