Greece protests to Turkey over boat crash in Aegean


On Sunday, the Turkish foreign ministry issued a statement accusing Greek Cypriots of unilateral hydrocarbon-related activities in the Eastern Mediterranean and said that Turkey would continue to protect its own interests.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied the northern third of the island in response to a Greek military junta-sponsored coup. Greece and Turkey are both North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, but the administration of Cyprus has been a source of tension ever since they fought a war over its control in 1974.

"From our side, our actions reflect the necessity of avoiding anything which could escalate the situation, without of course overlooking the violation of global law perpetrated by Turkey", he said, as cited by the agency. Many in Turkey also accuse Greece of laying claims on uninhabited islets near Turkey's Aegean coastline. However, he made clear that his government wished to avoid any escalation.

The EU weighed in on Monday to call for restraint.

Cyprus and Turkey had a brief spat over natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean over the weekend, with Turkish officials escorting Eni's drilling ship away from sensitive waters, according to a new report by Shephard Media.

"The EU also stresses the need to respect the sovereignty of member states over their territorial sea and airspace".

The president of the company, Claudio Descalzi, declared from Cairo that he trusted in a solution of the problem because "we are well inside the Economic Zone of Cyprus" where' we have drilled other wells under the same conditions ... and nothing absolutely happened ', said quoted by the agency ANSA.

It came as EU President Donald Tusk on Tuesday urged Turkey to "avoid threats or actions against any EU member" after Turkish warships blocked an Italian drilling vessel seeking to begin exploration for gas off Cyprus.

"We recommend that foreign companies don't allow themselves to be an instrument of issues that surpass their limits and strength, by trusting the Greek Cypriot side".

"When they didn't stop, our soldiers did their duty", he said. Cyprus says a Turkish notice blocking off the area for military activity violates global law and is legally invalid.