Facebook Messenger adds new feature for Valentine's Day


Facebook really wants you to use their platform to connect with your loved ones and it is surprising they chose to limit this on Messenger and not extend this to Instagram for example.

Facebook Messenger is embracing Valentine's Day with a series of love-themed updates for those who change their relationship status from single to something more serious.

Chatting with the loved one: the first person to appear on the Active Tab will be the users loved one which provisions them to see whether they are available to chat. The features available to them include "a heart shower" that will cascade down their screen. Facebook will then display a prompt to set custom emoji, nicknames, and colors for the chat.

In light of this, today we announced a fun and delightful feature just in time for Valentine's Day. The custom emoji is the famous heart-eyes emoji, so you can express your love fast and easy. The company says that people share over 2 emoji every day through Messenger, with the kissing face, heart eyes, and traditional heart ranking in the top five. The heart emoji is the most commonly used emoji for both men and women.

And to no surprise, Messenger continues to be the place where people come to connect and share when they're feeling the love. And to brew it up more Facebook is launching its new update from Valentine's Day. It's nearly as outdated as believing users want to declare their love by handing over more information about their interpersonal lives to tech giants. The camera on the Messenger is one tap away whether one is in a conversation or just opened the app.