Donald Trump wants a bigger budget for the U.S. military


"The budget increases the capability and capacity of the United States to detect, defeat, and defend against any North Korean use of ballistic missiles against the United States, its deployed forces, allies, and partners", the White House budget proposal says. And it is expected to reach $716 billion in 2019.

Every secretary of defense since 2011, when the Congress passed a law setting firm limits on military and domestic spending, has complained that spending caps set by the Budget Control Act were squeezing the military so hard that the number of ready-to-fight combat units was dwindling.

Another $30 billion would go to the National Nuclear Security Administration, the Energy Department agency that oversees nuclear weapons research.

With the spending caps lifted at least for the next two years, most major Pentagon accounts would receive budget increases.

"While this is not a record increase, it comes on top of a budget that was already higher than the peak of the Reagan buildup when adjusted for inflation", Harrison said.

The Pentagon's budget request earmarks $US10.7 billion for the purchase of 77 F-35 fighter jets made by Lockheed Martin Co as well as $US2 billion to purchase 24 Boeing Co F-18 Super Hornets. The department plans to spend $6 billion to procure three DDG-51 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers, $7.4 billion for two Virginia Class Submarines, $1.3 billion for one Littoral Combat Ship, and $1.8 billion as a payment for a previously acquired CVN-78 Class Aircraft Carrier.

The Pentagon would spend $48.9 billion in Afghanistan, almost $2 billion more than last year, while the fight against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria would receive $15.3 billion, an increase of $2.3 billion over last year.

"Today the United States is emerging from a period of strategic atrophy in which the Department's competitive military advantage has been eroding", a Pentagon budget overview said.

US Defense Secretary acknowledges the spending jump is the largest increase since the 2002 initiation of the War on Terror by US President George W. Bush - from $345 billion that year to $437 billion the next. "It's a strategy issue", Harrison said.

The war against Islamic State militants in the Middle East and Africa, and insurgents in Afghanistan has mostly fought by USA forces from the air.

Trump had requested a 2018 military budget of $603 billion for basic functions and $65 billion for war missions. "That's something the (Defense) department hasn't really grappled with". The budget request asks for 43,594 Joint Direct Attack Munitions at a cost of $1.2 billion and another $1.2 billion for 9,733 Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems used by the Army and Marine Corps. But upon raising spending caps to the Pentagon's desired levels, the White House shifted $20 billion from the OCO request to the base request.

Russian Federation already looking to interfere in 2018 midterms Dems pick up deep-red legislative seat in Missouri Speier on Trump's desire for military parade: "We have a Napoleon in the making" MORE has often spoken about modernizing and bulking up the USA nuclear arsenal, saying in his State of the Union last month that it needs to be made "so strong and so powerful that it will deter any acts of aggression by any other nation". Under these short-term measures, the Pentagon's budget was locked at current year's levels and the military services can be barred from starting new programs or ending old ones.