Barnaby Joyce accused of 'pinching a woman's behind' at conference in 2011


Liberal Minister Dan Tehan this told Sky News Tuesday morning the Deputy Prime Minister would make a statement today to "refute allegations made overnight".

OUSTED Labor Senator Sam Dastyari has offered some advice for embattled Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce - it's going to get worse.

Mr Dastyari also claimed "everyone" knew about Mr Joyce's relationship with his former media advisor.

Mr Joyce apologised for the issues in his personal life that had spilled out into the public domain.

The Nationals Leader has been under the spotlight this week after it was confirmed he is expecting a baby in April with his current partner and former staffer, Vikki Campion.

Joyce also used the statement to apologise to his wife and four daughters "for all the hurt this has caused", as well as to Campion "that she has been dragged into this".

"I would like to say to Natalie how deeply sorry I am for all the hurt this has caused".

Three months later Campion went back to work at Joyce's office temporarily because Canavan was stood down over his own citizenship and eligibility as a politician.

"We know that the best protection for those girls is that they get themselves into a secure relationship with a loving husband", he said, "and I want that to happen for them".

"But when she worked in my office, she was not my partner".

"I did not discuss these matters with the Prime Minister or his office as Vikki was not my partner, so they were dealt with in the usual course of staff deployments within the Party".

Cray, for her part, described Joyce's behaviour as "unacceptable", but said it was "hard if there was not an official complaint at the time to act".

"She was well qualified for the role, was an existing and obviously capable staff member and the change was within the existing Nationals staff arrangement".

The woman, who chose to remain nameless, states she was concerned about Joyce's alleged interaction with another woman.

Windsor is the former MP for Joyce's seat of New England.

In response to a question from ALP Leader Bill Shorten about whether he has "full confidence" that Joyce did not violate ministerial standards, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he believed Joyce was not in a relationship with Campion as defined by the code at the time of her promotion.

One of the trips was for Mrs Joyce to attend the Mid Winter Ball in Canberra on June 14, which was reportedly orchestrated to end the damaging rumours about the affair.

To make matters worse, Joyce is abandoning his own four daughters by moving in with his staffer, something he was anxious about with gay couples.

Chester, by contrast, who strained conservative patience by backing marriage equality past year, is thought to have been more successful in winning support outside the party room than within it, and can rely on a smaller number of locked-in supporters, perhaps as few as three or four votes.

"Vikki Campion has also been the subject of unwanted and deeply hurtful commentary at a hard time, particularly as we are having a child together in mid-April".