Macron threatens to attack Syria over chemical weapons


France "will strike the place where they are launched or where they are prepared", the French President warned.

"Today, our services have not established proof that proscribed chemical weapons have been used against civilian populations", he continued.

The French President promised "retaliation and an immediate response from France" if the Syrian regime was found guilty who he said would eventually "be answerable to global justice" for its crimes. Macron also called for an worldwide meeting on Syria, in the region if possible.

Meanwhile, the United States has also slammed Syria for its use of chemical weapons while charging that Russian Federation bears substantial responsibility for the regime's atrocities.

"On chemical weapons, I set a red line and I reaffirm that red line".

The Syrian government strongly denies using chemical weapons and says it does not target civilians.

While France, like the United States, suspects the Syrian regime, it says it does not yet have concrete evidence on the nature and origin of the attacks. The comments came amid unverified reports that pro-government forces have used chlorine on civilians and rebels to gain control of areas.

But Defense Minister Florence Parly was more reserved on February 9 when asked if Damascus had crossed the "red line".

"We will strike at the location where it happened, or where it was organized. So we, alongside the others, are working on trying to confirm this, as we clearly have to get the facts straight".

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) matched in January signatures in samples taken from the chemical weapons handed over by the Syrian regime in 2014 to those taken from the deadly 2013 sarin nerve gas attacks in Aleppo and a 2017 attack in Idlib.