Tourist urinating from bus was trigger for 'Scum' remark: Goa Minister


Two days after Goa minister Vijai Sardesai called a section of domestic tourists "scum of the earth", his cabinet colleague Manohar Ajgaonkar has threatened to "chase away" visitors who don't take care of "Goan culture and Goanness".

"Today we have nearly six times population of Goa coming as tourists", Sardesai said. "The domestic tourists are not the top-end tourists, but the scum of the earth", he had said.

Sardesai's words created a furore across the country and on social media. He said that he was reflecting the sentiments of the people of Goa and was not apologetic about it. "I am saying this clearly", he added. He explained that it was a misquote, the minister was referring to earlier unplanned infrastructure development of Gurugram.

The minister was speaking at the Goa Biz Fest organised at a resort near Panaji.

He specifically warned the locals against North Indians, who are trying to "recreate Haryana in Goa".

Khattar's tweet did not convince his own people, with many citizens asking him about the rising crime rate in Haryana, especially violence against women.

"The people of Goa are disgusted with a few tourists, who come and use Goa as a dumping ground and who create nuisance".

The Tourism Minister's controversial remarks came after another Goa minister on Friday termed domestic tourists arriving in the state as "scum of the earth". "He alleged that BJP-Goa Forward Party Government was 'anti poor" and could not digest the prosperity of the middle and lower middle class, hence, Mr Parrikar started meticulously winding up mining from the state since 2012 as he realized that the people from lower strata of economic hierarchy were getting little richer. GFP with three MLAs, all ministers, is a key ally in the Parrikar-led coalition government. Goemkars believe that a certain section of tourists who have no civic sense, create nuisance, are not welcome to the state.

The minister had on Friday said it was hard for a state that was "superior" to the rest of India vis-a-vis most social indices to control "irresponsible tourists" coming from other states.