South and North Korean officials continue exchange during Olympics


Its most famous alumna is Ri Sol Ju, better known these days as the First Lady of North Korea.

Pence said Moon updated him about the meeting he had with North Korean officials and "both of us reiterated to each other tonight that we will continue to stand strong and work in a coordinated way to bring maximum economic and diplomatic pressure to bear on North Korea".

That's what people are saying in South Korea, as they consider the unprecedented visit by Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who has raised her profile dramatically at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

The dignitaries walked to the Korean bench, taking turns talking to players still standing on the ice.

Even the most ardent feminist shouldn't take any pleasure from the fact that a young North Korean women serves this murderous regime capably and may be its future leader. South Korea's defence ministry and cybersecurity experts are included in the taskforce investigating Friday's attack, but the possible culprit is being kept under wraps. But the diplomatic games have really just begun. And like the ceremony, North and South leaders spent long moments in close proximity. The Korean leaders watch the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics on February 9, 2018, in PyeongChang, South Korea. If Moon accepts, it would be the third round of such talks since their division in 1945.

Second line center Han Soo-jin had a tough game.

But a first-period treble from Alina Muller set the tone and effectively dashed any hopes of a homemade fairytale.

The unified team is made up of 23 Southern players and 12 Northerners, with at least three from the North required to be on the starting roster of 22. Nobody likes losing, especially me. "I think they were nervous", Murray said. "This was our first Olympics and we'd never played before this kind of crowd". So the North Korean objective is to keep its existing nuclear weapons and then focus on improving its relations with the outside world on that basis.

"We had a good game against Sweden (last week)".

'We are against the ugly political Olympics!' read one banner.

"We have to be unified (with North Korea). Politicians must let the Korean people meet and get together continuously", said Park Sung-uk, a 48-year-old office worker who attended the game with his family. "We definitely didn't play the systems as well as I wanted us to play, as well as we know we can play". Less than six months later the two sides' heads of state cheered a joint ice hockey team.

Pence and the North Korean delegation sat near each other at the ceremony but did not acknowledge or speak to each other.

The Korean team, guaranteed a berth in the Games as the host nation, is not expected to win a medal.

Korea is tied with the Olympic Athletes from Russian Federation as the youngest team, with an average age of 22. Russian Federation has also denied launching any hacking attacks on the Pyeongchang Olympics, where its team is formally banned following the revelation of systemic doping.

Head coach Sarah Murray attributed the loss mostly to nerves.

The Koreas often use sports to find a breakthrough in their strained relations. In it, Kim Jong Un highlighted several huge intercontinental ballistic missiles, which were successfully flight tested three times a year ago and could reach deep into the USA mainland when perfected. Moon, a dove who wants to resolve the nuclear standoff diplomatically and peacefully, quickly responded to Kim's outreach by offering talks.

Just a day before the opening ceremony it held a military parade in Pyongyang, putting its intercontinental ballistic missiles - which can reach the U.S. mainland - on display. The pressure campaign is not only going to continue, it's going to intensify until they denuclearize and that all options are on the table.