New York AG sues Harvey Weinstein following sexual misconduct allegations


The sale of the Weinstein Company, which was supposed to be completed this weekend, was thrown in turmoil as the outgoing board of directors rejected a settlement offer by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman over civil rights violations.

Schneiderman believes a sale "would leave victims without adequate redress, including a lack of a sufficient victims compensation fund" and could allow "the perpetrators or enablers of the misconduct to see a windfall", according to the release. She told the New York Times Weinstein tried to push her down and shove himself on top of her and attempted to expose himself.

Last month an investment group began exclusive negotiations for the company's assets.

Among its many complaints, the suit alleges that Harvey Weinstein would call the women who worked at TWC "cunt" or "pussy" if they had performed a task incorrectly. He denies having non-consensual sex.

The suit charges that the human resources department at the Weinstein Company was completely corrupt. The entourage was known to witnesses as Weinstein's "wing women". "This compelled service demeaned and humiliated them, contributing to the hostile work environment".

The investigation included interviews with multiple company employees, executives and victims of the alleged sexual misconduct. These female employees were supposed to help his company produce films and television projects. When the employee said no, he cajoled, badgered and insisted until she relented and, against her wishes, submitted to massaging him out of fear of employment-based retaliation. At one point, Schneiderman alleges that Harvey fired a male assistant for being "just a fucking faggot boy, a stupid fucking faggot boy".

Telephone and email messages seeking comment from Weinstein were not immediately returned.