Fergie Explains 2006 Comment That Quentin Tarantino Bit Her on 'Planet Terror'


One of the Kill Bill producers that Uma Thurman has accused of covering up her on-set vehicle accident has expressed heavy remorse - but denied any wrongdoing.

"I wanted to make sure she had all of the answers she had been seeking". "Fucker, get off me", she says, laughing, in the footage.

Adams also said, had he been there that day, things would have gone differently.

Kill Bill stunt coordinator Keith Adams is adamant he would have prevented Uma Thurman's vehicle crash had he been notified the scene was taking place. "I'm never going to walk again", she told the New York Times.

The stunt expert said that if he and his crew were involved in that day's filming, there's no way Thurman - who suffered a concussion and knee injuries in the resultant crash - would have been involved in the hazardous sequence. "I think he had a lot of fun with that", Fergie explains in the interview (via Jezebel). "I didn't go barging into Uma's trailer, screaming at her to get into the vehicle", Tarantino told Deadline earlier this week.

"They lied, destroyed evidence, and continue to lie about the permanent harm they caused and then chose to suppress", she wrote. "The cover up did have malicious intent, and shame on these three for all eternity".

Many people share safety duties on set: the producers (lead producer Lawrence Bender apologized Wednesday but also said he "never hid anything"), the director (Thurman has described Tarantino as regretful and remorseful), the 1st assistant director (although this may be less clear in a non-DGA film like Kill Bill) - and, of course, the stunt coordinator.

Thurman says that she insisted she didn't feel comfortable driving the blue 1973 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible while they were shooting in Mexico. The seat wasn't screwed down properly.

In the footage she can be seen tearing down the road at the wheel of the auto, which has a camera mounted behind her.

She then posted the footage of the crash - which Tarantino provided to her - on her Instagram account, at which point she called out Bender and others who worked on the movie.

The auto Thurman was driving has also been scrutinized, as she described it as "a deathbox" with a 'seat wasn't screwed down properly'. While Fergie's reference to the bite seems lighthearted, it's now being scrutinized as Tarantino's behavior is under a spotlight.

The Sun Online has contacted Mr Tarantino's representatives for comment.