'Long-duration snow event' for Friday, early Saturday coming into focus


Saturday night - A chance of snow and freezing drizzle before 10 p.m., then a chance of snow. At this point, only minor accumulations of ice are expected.

EXTENDED: Thankfully winter will release it's grasp on the area headed into this week. General ice accumulations between one- and two-tenths of an inch are possible. The entire region has the potential for freezing rain tonight as temperatures drop below 32°.

The cold snap will continue into Monday with wintry showers overnight and frost and ice developing. "Sleet usually bounces when hitting a surface and does not stick, but can accumulate on roadways causing a hazard to motorists".

Freezing rain may cause light icing on roadways and surfaces, making for risky travel conditions.

Saturday's low is expected to be 24 degrees.

A strong cold front plowed through Central Texas Saturday, dropping afternoon temperatures into the 30s and 40s. Temperatures should climb above freezing shortly after the noon hour on Sunday. "The second half of the day is expected to be cloudy, but dry", said Mounce.

It likely will bring snow to the mountains, but not too much, according to weather service predictions. "In the areas south and east that see mostly freezing rain, up to.15" of an inch of glaze is possible.