Korea's Mixed Doubles Curling Team Thrash the US


It was the first time the Olympics had featured mixed doubles, a form of play that's been part of the world championships since 2008.

Who got Andy Reid out here curling!?!?!?!?

The bombshell investigation uncovered state-sponsored doping from "at least late 2011 to August 2015", including at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

On a chilly night in PyeongChang, the ceremony lasted approximately two hours and 17 minutes, one of the shortest in recent memory. But don't let their demeanors fool you, even Matt knows who's really in charge.

'We had a really good team practice yesterday and got the rocks dialed in.

Morris shouldered the blame for the loss to Norway after some uncharacteristic errors at critical times.

Just like countless little sisters, Becca was simply looking for a ride.

Natives of McFarland, Wisconsin, Matt was the first to pick up curling in an effort to pass time and escape the bitter winter. If Norway wins, they will automatically reach the semifinals along with Switzerland. Canada plays two of those teams (Switzerland and OAR) on Saturday.

South Korea's mixed doubles curling team thrashed the USA side on Friday afternoon to give themselves hope of qualifying for the finals of the event at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Anastasia Bryzgalova and Aleksandr Krushelnitskiy used a methodical approach with single points in four of the five ends they scored, including one in the decisive extra end.

"For our performance it's best if we don't march". My wife curling her hair I'd rather watch that and curling at the Olympics that it's that boring.

Lawes said the rest is necessary. We played strong and had a good win.

In the early match, Canada had a 6-2 lead after five ends and Switzerland's rock rolled out of the house on its final throw of the sixth frame, giving Morris and Lawes the steal. "I've practiced with Matt my whole life so he knows instantly what I'm doing wrong and vice versa".

It's a Me and @heccabamilton playing Sweden in game three! "He's making all the shots so I think his confidence is going in the right direction for sure". The Swiss then shook hands to call the game.

Dexin was the hero on China's side with 14 takeouts, leaving Becca and Matt Hamilton in search of lost points that they were unable to get back. The Finns had seen enough at that point.

Both are hoping to go home with medals that are as gold as the power stars from "Super Mario".