Google Faces Class Motion Lawsuit Over Faulty Pixel, Pixel XL Items


Google is being sued in a class action lawsuit [text, PDF] filed Tuesday over alleged defects in the new Pixel smartphone.

That said now when we know that Google doesn't make use of Pixel Visual core it would be interesting to see where else Google will implement this. Unfortunately, Google has merely acknowledged the issue, further saying that only less than one percent of the units sold were affected by a hairline crack on the audio codec, which was to blame for the defects that were reported.

"Despite receiving hundreds of complaints shortly after launch - and admitting the phones have a 'faulty microphone" - Google continues to sell the Pixel phones without telling purchasers about the microphone defect, ' the lawsuit states.

Law firm Girard Gibbs LLP, at the time filed a class action lawsuit against Google in connection with the problems encountered in the Pixel screens of smartphones, filed another class action lawsuit against the search giant.

Additionally, the suit charges, Google failed to properly handle customer complaints over the defects and was not able to provide replacements in a timely manner.

That's basically it. If you bought an original Pixel or Pixel XL phone at any point starting October 4, 2016, then you're qualified to join the class action lawsuit, regardless if your phone exhibited problems or not. Even as Google favors Pixel's launcher it doesn't want its older launcher to be left behind, hence the new Google Feed button is being added the Google now launcher.

But there was no fix for Pixel and Pixel XL phones aside from replacement under warranty.

Wireless "Pixel Buds": The headset received savage reviews for a cheap look and feel, mediocre sound quality, and being hard to set up and confusing to use.

Google, for its part, won't comment on pending litigation against it, but in a statement to Ars, it directs anyone who is experiencing issues and owns a device that's out-of-warranty to check out its help center to find out what they can do.

Since then, there have also been issues with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

It was not just the denial to replace or refund the unit, but the Pixel lawsuit claimed that Google had breached its own warranty, according to ArsTechnica.