Facebook reportedly testing out a "downvote" (not dislike) button


Despite the social media company's claim that it is "not testing a dislike button", there is clear evidence that Facebook is working on a downvoting feature for comments.

According to Facebook's spokesperson, this DownVote button will let Facebook know for the comments which are inappropriate, uncivil or misleading.

While it's unclear how widely the dislike button is being tested, word of its existence didn't take long to spread, and those familiar with similar systems of ranking on other platforms took note. We are exploring a feature for people to give us feedback about comments on public page posts. The test is presently quite limited, just for a small set of people in the United States only.

The move has always been anticipated - and demanded by users - but the social network says it is not a "dislike" button. It seems that #Facebook insisted on mentioning that the #Button was not a 'downvote' button as some users were expecting. If Facebook had posted that statement as a comment we'd have clicked on whatever the "this is bad" button was. Instead of an upside-down Like to indicate you don't like the post, there's a downvote button to hide it from view.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider. Moreover, the visibility of the post to which the comments were made would not be negatively impacted, so others would still be able to see the post in their news feeds.

When Whatsapp introduced the Whatsapp Status feature in its Android and iOS apps, it was greeted with mixed reactions from the general populace, many. They can even undo the action.

You can find out how this new DownVote button will look like when it is finally rolled out globally from the below Tweet.

The dislike button allows users to downrank specific content. But the social media giant brought its Reactions in February 2016 to give multiple options to react on a post or comment, instead of merely hit dislike. We could expect this feature to go live globally in the coming days as the testing is here for a limiter period of time only.