Exciting Kingdom Hearts 3 news revealed at D23 Expo In Japan


As part of that same D23 Expo Japan 2018, we also got our first listen for a new game theme song from Utada Hikaru, who has previously provided the themes for both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II.

For Kingdom Hearts III, however, she's back with a brand new theme song.

Monsters Inc. inclusion in the newest iteration began to circulate after last year's D23. Along with showing off some new gameplay, the trailer showcased the newest world in the much-anticipated title: Monsters Inc.

The game is still expected to be released in the year of 2018 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Sora, Donald and Goofy will be joining the "We Scare Because We Care" campaign within the Monsters, Inc. world. There's also a mini game which looks similar to a Game & Watch title.

Unfortunately for those hoping for one, Kingdom Hearts III still does not have a exact release date. Meanwhile, the second main entry was treated more like an on-rails mini-game, with players having to engage in Gummi Ship battles once whenever traveling to a new world.

According to Square, there are around 100 studio members working on Kingdom Hearts 3. It is said, though, the actual game could feature more than nine worlds. Development on earlier worlds are about 90 percent complete, with middle sections around 60 percent complete.

Lastly, each of the three sections will have around three worlds. It's the end section that will likely shock us, since it's something that director Tetsuya Nomura has "always wanted to do" and is "bound to surprise everyone".