Ben Simmons still disappointed over All-Star snub


Simmons is likely the favorite in the Rookie of the Year race after missing the entire 2016-17 season due to injury.

Simmons, whose startling rookie numbers this season place him alongside National Basketball Association greats Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson, scored the third-most fan votes among Eastern Conference guards but that was not enough for coaches and league commissioner Adam Silver to select him.

But Mr Watts wasn't finished there, saying another overlooked Australian could be proof of a wide-ranging, anti-Aussie conspiracy that goes all the way to the top of the National Basketball Association.

The rant has had some cut-through, with ESPN already picking it up.

"ESPN was never going to cover me for my athletic prowess, so I'm pleased that they picked up one of my speeches", Mr Watts told The New Daily.

"For him to be denied a spot in the NBA All-Star game not once, not twice, but three times, is, as we say in Australia, a bloody outrage".

The door is once again slightly ajar for Ben Simmons to become Australia's first-ever NBA All Star - but this time, the fight is being taken all the way to Federal Parliament.

He did eventually come to a serious point about the Australians playing in the National Basketball Association come from diverse backgrounds, with an Indigenous Australian, four children of immigrants and two refugees making up part of the Aussie contingent.

We should particularly recognize South-Sudanese Australians Thon Maker and Mangok Mathiang for their extraordinary achievement of not just reaching the pinnacle of their profession, but overcoming the challenges that they needed to confront in arriving in Australia as refugees.

Simmons has enjoyed an outstanding season.

"In a record breaking rookie year for the Philadelphia 76ers, Ben is now averaging almost 17 points, eight rebounds, seven assists in a game".

"If you thought that Australia was angry about 'The Simpsons versus Australia TV episode, you ain't seen nothing yet, Yanks", he said.