A future Android Messages update may let you text through your browser


The code for the latest version of Android Messages, the Google app for SMS shows that users might be able to send messages through their computers soon.

Compared to Hangouts and Allo, Android Messages does not have much to offer apart from using SMS for texting. You head to the official website on any browser as it is created to support all major browsers on launch and scan the QR code in order to gain access. The future update can also open gates to send payments via text messages, request money, etc. Most significantly, it looks like you'll be able to pair your phone with a computer and text directly from a browser like Chrome, Firefox and Safari, much as you can with Google's Allo messaging app. All the computers that you connected to will be displayed in your app just like Whatsapp Web feature.

One of the trends we're seeing these days is how messenger apps on our mobile devices also have a desktop counterpart.

Perhaps the most important addition that will make a lot of people happy is the possibility of rolling out Rich Communication Services (RCS), a protocol that was devised to succeed SMS.

It will be interesting to see how Google's new strategy to take advantage of Android's worldwide dominance goes this time.

Google Allo users already know that Google added a web interface for messaging to it already, but it would be a bigger deal for this feature to be brought to Android Messages. Teardowns are often based on bits of information and they speculate what should make its way to the next version, but can't guarantee that the features tested will make it to the final update.

Or, Google may be creating a messaging app that can do the same as iMessage and WhatsApp and essentially replace SMS.

According to AndroidPolice, this RCS helps messaging services to implement features which include texting through a data connection, seeing the messaging status (if somebody is typing) and read receipts, and sending photos, GIF sharing, location-sharing and other prominent sharing features. From Android Messages possibly turning into Android's iMessage to Pixel Visual Core going live to Google working on a game streaming service, the company behind Android is busy.