YouTube drops ads from vlogger's channels


YouTube has temporarily suspended all of Logan Paul's ad revenue through the streaming service following what it's calling a "recent pattern of behavior". While losing this will likely cause a noticeable dent in Logan's income, it's likely that his most profitable source of income comes from merch sales - which YouTube have now power over.

YouTube is taking further steps to ensure Logan Paul suffers fair consequences for his (repeated) stupid actions.

On Friday, after reviewing a new video in which Paul tased two dead rats and attempted to give a living koi fish CPR, then sent out a Tweet promising to eat toxic Tide pods in exchange for retweets, YouTube temporarily pulled ads from Paul's channel. One of his most recent videos (below), posted after his self-congratulatory return, shows him tasering dead rats. Without content creators, YouTube has nothing to monetize.

According to YouTube, his behavior could be "damaging to the broader creator community".

After coming under fire for posting the video of a suicide victim in Japan's "suicide forest," Paul published a video where he met with survivors of suicide attempts and experts from suicide prevention groups.

YouTube said it made a decision to pull ads after a "recent pattern of behaviour" but didn't point to a specific video.

The YouTube content creator made a citizen's arrest when an intruder entered his San Fernando Valley area of Encino, California.

In his comeback video, Paul boasted about gaining subscribers during his brief time away from the spotlight.

YouTube "will be strengthening our requirements for monetization so spammers, impersonators, and other bad actors can't hurt our ecosystem or take advantage of you, while continuing to reward those who make our platform great", wrote Neal Mohan, chief product officer, and Robert Kyncl, chief business officer, in a blog post at the time. After a white supremacist murdered a protester in Charlottesville previous year, Twitter similarly sprung into action by banning left-wing weird Twitter personality Todd Hitler and verifying Jack Posobiec, a racist insane person.

I'm not going to comment on the morality of these activities, because I don't really care about them.