Rob Porter's second ex-wife warns Hope Hicks he'll hurt her, too


Trump has spent the last two nights phoning friends and former aides to seek their advice, which has varied wildly.

Porter, who denied the "vile" allegations, resigned Wednesday after the ex-wives' accounts of years of verbal and physical abuse were published, along with graphic pictures of Colbie Holderness, his first wife, bruised from what she said was a punch to the face.

"It's a, obviously, tough time for him".

He gave no nod to the treatment of the women whose reports of abuse led to Porter's resignation.

White House staff secretary Rob Porter, a member of President Trump's inner circle and arguably Kelly's closest aide, cleaned out his desk on Thursday.

"Forty minutes later he was gone", Kelly said.

Shah called the allegations "serious and disturbing", but also said that Porter had denied any wrongdoing.

As staff secretary, Porter was largely responsible for controlling the flow of information to the president. "And literally that was it". Though he is coy about what he's getting at when he asks about Mulvaney, most aides and associates assume he is referencing the chief of staff position.

"I can tell you that Rob has been effective in his role as staff secretary, and the president and chief of staff have had full confidence and trust in his abilities and his performance", she told reporters then. Trump complained to aides that the chief of staff had portrayed him as a child who had to be managed, a contention that particularly irked the president in the wake of the way he was portrayed in the recent Michael Wolff book, "Fire and Fury". Among the names being considered: Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Mark Meadows and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

According to Senate Republican Policy Committee, every year the USA on an average allocates some 50,000 green cards through lottery for people from countries who do not get an opportunity to come to the United States through the merit-based employment visas.

"He [Porter] definitely let me know that I was going to be contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation once he was tapped for the White House and he was curious what I was going to say", she said.

The scrutiny of Kelly increased when the CNN television network revealed that he and other senior White House officials had known the charges against Porter for months, and yet had defended and even promoted him to the West Wing.

McGahn received a call from the ex-girlfriend in late November, officials said.

Someone with that level of access, both to the president himself and to highly classified, likely top secret memos should have a top level background check completed before they begin work, right?

The White House was also put on the defensive about Porter's interim security clearance, fielding questions about how someone could handle some of the nation's most sensitive documents while potentially being ripe for blackmail. More than 15 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

He added that resources would be available to any White House staffer who would like to seek counseling.

"I do think that we struggle with the perception that we solved domestic violence, that this is a problem of the past, or that certain groups of people struggle with it, and that's not true at all", Stewart said.