PAD MAN in Theaters in NY on February 9


She said since the movie is about a man making sanitary pads for women, it boldly takes on the taboos surrounding menstruation and launches an open discussion about the issue. Much like an astute advertising mind, he comes up with a half-liner - Abhishek Bachchan playing Amitabh Bachchan's dad (Paa), for instance - and if the idea interests him and something like that hasn't been attempted before, he told me once, he simply goes ahead.

It took Muruganantham five years to develop the affordable pad and in the process he lost his wife and was kicked out his village. Kumar convinced his wife to turn the story into a feature movie with the goal of improving women's health in India. It is to show that females are missing out on general hygienic facilities like Sanitary Pads which are absolutely necessary for a woman during her period.

"This real story was one of the breakthrough inventions that I came across while serving as the World Health Organization's representative in India from 2010 to 2015", said Nata Menabde, Executive Director of the WHO Office in NY.

Pad Man released today.

Check out what Akshay Kumar told us in this awesome interview as he gives us insight into the character, the making of the film and what this movie and story means to him and to the world. Akshay Kumar gives this role his all - he is endearing, earnest and effortless as Lakshmiprasad.

Twinkle definitely inspired me to be a part of something like this, through making me aware of Arunachalam's story as well as the issues around menstruation which I sadly had no awareness of.

PadMan falls short on entertainment quotient because it applies its soul and everything else on "chums", a word Akshay happily borrows from management student Sonam Kapoor. But one has to be sensitive in every film, in every topic. I didn't have enough money, but now I can.

After meeting & working with Sonam Kapoor I end up as an admirer of her inside - out beauty. "That's why "Pad Man" is such an important film for whole families to see as it impacts everyone".

Lakshmi is shocked. He doesn't get it, which is unusual since he's grown up in a house full of women - his mother and two sisters.

The producer of the movie twinkle khanna said that Padman is not just a movie but would rather be a movement for increased awareness for menstrual hygiene.

Muruganantham, she said, disregarded the risks of isolation and ridicule to go out and get what he wanted, which is something she found very inspiring. "Otherwise how many filmmaking houses can boast of two back to back films talking about sanitary hygiene?" "The stigma still exists, and there remains a lack of awareness and facilities, which means girls are still dropping out of school when they start menstruating because they have no access to sanitary towels". I'm very fond of her, and she of me.