LG V30S tipped to finally bring the upgrades the V30 needed


Now, according to the fresh information, it has been revealed that the smartphone which will launch will be named as LG V30s and will be available for purchase from the next month in the markets of South Korea.

The LG V30s is expected to carry a price-tag around $920 with sales supposed to start March 9. However, the LG V30s will have an internal storage space of 256GB, but the other hardware specifications would remain the same. As far as the appearance of the smartphone is concerned, it will be identical to the LG V30. The battery capacity of the upcoming LG phone is said to be 3300mAh.

A new report from ETNews is corroborating a previous rumor which stated LG is gearing up to introduce an upgraded V30 smartphone.

New LG V30 Rumored to Launch at MWC 2018 with LG Lens Technology

The LG V30 and V30+ models that were released a year ago respectively feature 64 GB and 128 GB internal storage. (LG V30+ Alpha). The phone will include enhanced artificial intelligence features, similar to what other smartphone makers like Huawei are doing with their phones. LG's version is said to be able to identify products and offer online purchasing links or similar suggestions, perform bar and QR code scanning, and translate written text (similar to Google's Word Lens functionality). If we compare this storage with the original LG V30 smartphone, it is four times more than it.

This move to bring a V30-variant is reportedly a part of LG's new direction to extend the life of its premium handsets, rather than introducing new phones. Just open the camera app and see the object through it, it would show you the details of that particular shop with more information. The report says that the feature will allow users to search or shop for something using the camera sensor, help them translate languages using the camera like Google Translate, and provide AR functionality using Global Positioning System and the camera. It would work like your personal guide who will be there with you to give all the information that you might want to know about.

LG confirmed to the Korean Herald that the company does plan to showcase new features at MWC 2018, but did not reveal whether a new device will be unveiled.