Cops issue cartoonish drawing of suspected thief and get mocked mercilessly online


A sketch of a theft suspect in Lancaster, Pennsylvania provided by a witness and a man police believe is responsible for the crime are shown side-by-side. The man is accused of stealing an undisclosed amount of cash from a farmers market stand on January 30, according to CBS News. Surprisingly, the sketch was drawn by a witness and not a professional artist and resembled Waldo.

And yet, police in the United States say they have identified a suspect who allegedly pretended to be a farmers market worker before fleeing with cash in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on January 30, thanks to a witness who drew a picture from memory.

Thankfully, there were a number of witnesses to the theft, who described the man as 30-40 years old, 5 foot 4 inches tall and to be of South American or Asian descent. He was also described as having straight, black hair that covered his ears, with wide-set cheekbones and a pointed chin.

The witness identified Hung Phuoc Nguyen, 44, as the suspect, police said.

Police sketches could often be considered impressive works of art in their own right.

The drawing was made fun of online, but the Lancaster police said they did not release the picture as a joke.

"This was not done in jest", police said on Tuesday after releasing a description of the suspect, LNP reported.

The information was passed on and the witness then identified Nguyen in a photo lineup.

The image quickly went viral online and was roundly mocked for its lack of detail, but amazingly the information helped, according to police.

Police issued an arrest warrant Wednesday for a male suspect charged with stealing cash last month from a Central Market stand in Lancaster.