Amy Schumer Debuts I FEEL PRETTY Trailer On Ellen!


"She really wants to be pretty, and just feel all the parts of life that open up to you when you're just like, gorgeous".

The 36-year-old comedian debuts the first trailer for her upcoming movie, I Feel Pretty, on Thursday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she portrays Renee Barrett, a woman who is struggling with her self-esteem because she obsesses about outward beauty.

"My character Renee, she kind of has low self esteem", Schumer told Ellen. After falling off a stationary bike while at the gym, she experiences a head injury that changes her self-perception entirely: in her mind, she looks like a supermodel, despite her appearance remaining unchanged. Today the trailer for Schumer's newest project, I Feel Pretty, is now out for moviegoers to take a look. Suddenly, she sees herself as utterly lovely, and with her newfound confidence, unleashes herself onto the not-so-eager world.

STXfilms' new comedy I Feel Pretty is written and directed by the team of Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein.

The film is both co-directed and co-written by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, known for writing numerous last few decades' most deceptively offensive rom-coms (Never Been Kissed, The Vow, etcetera) and also stars Busy Phillips and Aidy Bryant. After she hits her head in a spin class, she thinks she's gorgeous and gets all the perks that come with a hot girl membership card.