Overwatch's "Year of the Dog" event begins tomorrow


When players successfully download the new update for Overwatch, they get the opportunity to play in a new map set in Thailand and it has been designed from the scratch to be a highly competitive Capture the Flag map. One side of the map is ancient and has some temples, and the other side is bright and handsome and very modern.

But there's also something about Year of the Dog that shows how Blizzard plans to continue building on its team-based shooter in the future, and it's worth taking note of the company's approach, even if you don't play the game.

New events always come with new cosmetics and this event is no exception.

Picking up the flag will also now be instant but certain abilities that increase mobility or enable invulnerability such as Winston's leap will cause players to drop the flag.

Epic Games has thrown Overwatch players a bone regarding the game's upcoming Year of the Dog event. Blizzard recently launched the Blizzard World map and they have confirmed that more new heroes, maps as well as interesting content are planned for the game in 2018.

While capture the flag has been seen before, Jeff Kaplan wants to assure fans that improvements will be made.

A brand new sudden death mode has been introduced to Capture the Flag.

Of course, this new feature isn't the only thing coming to Overwatch in the February 8 update.

The Thailand map, Kaplan noted, is the first map that the Overwatch development team created specifically for Capture the Flag.

"The other thing that's very exciting is we've changed the flag pickup roles". Apparently these changes have resulted in more action-packed matches when tested, so we look forward to seeing them in action.

"The biggest and best part of the Year of the Dog celebration is a brand-new map [Ayutthaya]". This competitive season will last four weeks, which means the Year of the Dog event will last a week longer than its predecessor Year of the Rooster. You can check out the latest developer update video below.

Kaplan also revealed that unlike previous events, Year of the Dog will be running over a lengthy four-week period.