Ford Ranger Raptor debuts with a diesel


The Ranger Raptor has a diesel.

Wednesday's announcement comes just over a year after Ford announced it had started shipping 2017 F-150 Raptors to China.

Looking like an athletic baby brother to the F150 Raptor, and built off the midsize Ranger platform, Ford's latest off-road masterpiece was unveiled yesterday in Thailand, where it'll be manufactured.

"The Ford Performance team is excited to extend the Raptor name from our flagship off-road performance F-150 to Ranger".

Comparing the full-cab versions - the only Ranger Raptor available, and by far the most commonly bought F-150 Raptor configuration - it comes as no surprise that, at nearly 232 inches, the F-150 based Raptor is longer than the 213 inch Ranger version.

The front bumper also includes new LED fog lamps with functional air-curtain ducts, which help to reduce air resistance of the body. Tests saw Ford engineers apply a 100kg load to the sliders a staggering 84,000 times to simulate 10 years of use. The truck is 67.3-inches wide at the front and rear tracks. Ground clearance is increased to 283mm, while the approach angle of 32.5°, ramp over angle of 24°, and departure angle of 24° put it at the top of the production vehicle pick-up segment. In the event that you get stuck or need to rescue another vehicle, the Raptor also comes with an integrated tow bar and tow hooks.

It looks like a F-150 Raptor, too.

The Raptor gets sports seats, and paddle shifters on the steering wheel. There are now Raptor logos on the rear fender and the tailgate.

Less than a month ago, we brought you news of the Ford Ranger's return after a long hiatus.

The underlying Ranger chassis has been reworked and strengthened with high strength, low allow steel, and there's 2.3mm steel bashplates underneath to protect the guts of the thing.

Inside, Ranger Raptor offers a tailored Ford Performance DNA interior design with a high level of craftsmanship, harmonious colours and durable materials suitable for both off-road driving and everyday use.

The gold standard for high-speed off-road truck suspension has been the Raptor since it debuted in 2009. High-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel is used for both the frame and side rails, while BF Goodrich 285/70 R17 all-terrain tires will keep the truck firmly planted on terra firma. Holding a strong presence, each tyre measures 838mm in diameter and 285mm in width. However, Ford has an even "hotter" variant that is incoming: the Ranger Raptor. This protection works with the Ranger's existing engine and transfer case skidplates to provide protection to components such as the radiator, Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS), Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD), front cross-member, engine sump, and front differential. Ford spokespeople for the night were adamant that the Bi-Turbo diesel engine was the way to go with this vehicle, and it didn't sound like there were any plans for a V6 petrol engine in the Ranger Raptor - except, perhaps, for the United States market. The vehicle has six driving modes.

There are multiple on and off road 4×4 modes. knew that the Blue Oval had the more hardcore version of the midsized pickup under development but didn't know its exact premiere date. Grass/Gravel/Snow mode is created to reduce the possibility of wheel slip. This is done through smoother gear shifts and second-gear starts, minimizing the probability of wheel slip. Even a "Baja" mode with reduced traction control nannying and aggressive transmission mapping is included.

The new power train combination of a 2.0L Bi-Turbo diesel engine and 10-speed transmission has proven durability through extensive testing, offering smooth torque and power through independent turbos and closer gear ratios over a wider overall span. Other tail-end features include flush sensor bezels and specially packaged and styled tow connectors.

The Ford Ranger Raptor will be produced in Thailand.