Deck13 announces The Surge 2, coming 2019


The Surge 2 will be released for consoles and PC in 2019.

Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13's partnership brought us The Surge past year, a unique action RPG that featured an intriguing premise and interesting protagonist.

While I wasn't particularly a fan of The Surge (see our review here), I can see the appeal. Focus Interactive and developer Deck 13 have announced a renewal of their partnership, as well as a target release date for the upcoming sequel.

According to GameRant, the game publisher Focus Interactive announced today that the #Action Rpg is getting a sequel, which will be called "The Surge 2". New info for The Surge 2 will drop later this week, so keep your eyes peeled. Well, developer Deck13 has another chance to get it right with The Surge 2.

The second instalment will also be packed with hardcore combat, the limb targeting system, character progression, and more as Deck13 expands on the formula. Deck13's engine will take care of all that, and as Focus Home Interactive claimed, there will be an expanded limb targeting system, for which players find quite surprising. New players will also be able to embark on the ultimate The Surge experience with the Complete Edition, which includes the full game and all the DLCs of the title, including A Walk in the Park.

Chuck in a fresh load of weapons, abilities, implants, and drones, and you have heaps more at your disposal to take on the game's many bosses and challenges. Perhaps The Surge 2 will tighten things up.