157 new emoji are coming this year


The emoji keyboard on an iPhone.

Maine's state crustacean will soon be one of the "emoji" pictograms available for electronic messaging.

Is there an emoji missing that you want?

See the full list of new emoji here.

This emoji group also includes a bagel, cupcake or teddy bear.

And if you're an animal lover, raccoons, llamas, lobsters and even microbes will also be represented in the update. The Unicode Consortium has announced that among the latest emoji will be superheroes, redheads, partying face, hot face, cold face, infinity, and much more.

Curious for a peek?

The lobster and other new emojis will start showing up on mobile phones in August or September, according to the Unicode blog post.

The manufacturers and software makers like Apple, Google and Microsoft have finalized versions of code into their respective software so that it appears properly across various devices, platforms and websites.

This June, social media users will be able to replace their #mangoemoji with a real mango emoji, thanks to Unicode, and the Australian mango industry.

At the end of the season, based on that support, a proposal was made to the global Unicode Consortium (the worldwide authority on emojis) to introduce the mango emoji in their next official update.