Hyd Man mowed down while attempting reckless selfie


Before the incident, another video also showing a young man on the tracks had also gone viral.

It appears that he stood too close to the track and the train brushed past him at high speed, throwing him off his feet.

The man, identified as Shiva from Warangal, can be seen standing beside a railway track and pointing towards an oncoming speeding train in the viral video.

The train hit his right hand and he fell down. The man suffered serious injuries while trying to pose with a moving train for a selfie.

Despite the driver repeatedly horning at him, he ignores the warnings and continues filming saying "one minute". An official and the South Central Railway Twitter account warned people about the dangers of taking selfies near the train tracks.

Shiva was in Hyderabad recently, the capital of India's Telangana state, when he decided that he wanted to take a selfie just as a train was zooming past him.

The Government Railway Police in India released the video of 25-year-old student R Shiva Kumar getting injured while taking the selfie, according to the Indian Express.

What's even more shocking is that this is the second selfie incident of its kind, which has surfaced on the web in past 30 hours.

As the number of selfie deaths reached disturbingly high recently, the police officials of different states had cautioned against such risky misadventures.

Police said it was actually the force of the wind rather than the train that knocked Shiva down.