Two more flu deaths reported in ND


Almost all of the outbreaks (94%) reported so far this season have been in facilities serving people at higher risk for complications due to influenza infection (children and adults aged ≥65 years). "Everyone is at risk of getting influenza and the best way to protect themselves is by getting the flu shot and making sure that they themselves are protected and their loved ones are also protected", Mosli said.

Thirty-six Kentuckians have died from the flu this season, while Knox County has only had one confirmed case of influenza this year.

Howard said that he has deep sympathies for the families of those affected. He said the efficiency of the flu shot this year is 30 percent. And since flu season can continue until May, the sooner a person is vaccinated the better.

Maryland hasn't been immune to the country's struggle with the flu this winter. According to the CDC's report from last week, West Virginia and OH are among 33 states where flu cases are high, while cases in Pennsylvania were reported moderate.

The flu became intense last month in the U.S. The last two weekly report show flu widespread over the entire continental United States, which is unusual.

In fact, in Kentucky, elevated influenza activity has been reported in every region of the state.

Last season 11 deaths were reported in Alberta Health Services (AHS) Central Zone for the entire season.

Flu Epidemic Has 'a Lot More Steam' Than Expected; At Least 30 Children Dead

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center's Emergency Department has seen an increase of patients who have been diagnosed with the flu.

In a typical flu season, illnesses caused by influenza A viruses predominate early in the season and illnesses caused by influenza B viruses increase later in the season. This strand leads to more severe illness.

"Our vaccine is probably least effective against H3N2".

Individuals in a high-risk group should contact their doctor if they experience any flu symptoms. The other 65 percent will have less severe symptoms and a lower risk of hospitalization or death than those who go without the vaccine.

Because the flu season is so bad, however, that could change whether the flu program is considered "essential", Stat reports.

For one, the flu shot isn't as effective as it has been in years past, particularly against the H3N2 strain that appears to be the most prevalent. "We really don't know how it's going to hit, when it's going ot hit and for how long".