Malaysian Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Alice Springs


The scariest part was that once the engine started to make a loud disturbing noise, the flight attendants all seemed nervous n clueless.

Malaysia Airlines says safety was not compromised at any time when one of it planes was diverted to Alice Springs with a faulty engine, upon reaching the north-west coastline of Australia.

Terrified travellers said they feared for their lives after crew members told them to brace for impact only four hours into the flight.

"It was quite scary".

Passenger Madhu Alasyam told The New Daily he was sitting behind the right wing of the airplane when the plane started to experience turbulence.

Passengers described how the aircraft was shaking and making noises. Passenger Cath Cat said the landing was ultimately smooth.

The flight was about four hours into its journey when a "massive vibration" was felt. Not too sure when we will be leaving but hey ho, we are on terra firma.

'Not a good feeling 10,000 feet up in the air'.

Malaysia Airlines issued a statement saying it "deeply regrets the distress experienced by passengers" on board the flight.

Based on reports received, there was a loud bang heard from the left hand engine, Capt Izham said in the statement.

"[We were told] it was an emergency landing, it was going to be a heavy impact and then it went "we'll have a normal landing, we're ok", Mr Brooks told the ABC.

When the flight landed safely at Alice Springs at 5.48pm, the passengers clapped and cheered.

The A330-300 was forced to divert for an emergency landing in Alice Springs and passengers were told to brace for a crash landing.

'One of the crew stopped near us and one guy said "are we crashing or are we landing",' Ms Edwards said. I thank all crew onboard for managing the situation by the book and in the calmest way possible. We were just bracing for the worst. Travelers will depart today to Kuala Lumpur by Flight MH148.

Malaysia Airlines said the flight was diverted due to technical reasons and that safety is its priority at all times.