Roman Reigns Releases Statement on Steroid Ring Allegations


I don't think that anything will come of this, as the investigation occurred over a year ago.

Richard Rodriguez is now in jail accused of operating a steroid distribution ring from his gym in Miami and alleged he sold the drugs to Reigns.

Rodriguez, whose Miami-based company Wellness Fitness Nutrition was raided by the Drug Enforcement Agency in February previous year following a yearlong investigation, named Reigns as one of his clients.

Rodriguez pointed the finger at Reigns and Wahlberg last week during a phone interview from the Brooklyn Detention Center in NY, where the former steroid-pusher is incarcerated.

In an exclusive interview with Jon Bravo, Rodriguez named Reigns as one of his clients. Rodriguez was accused of running an illicit distribution chain by importing products from China and using them to manufacture illegal steroids in Arizona before selling them out of Miami.

He was arrested accused of selling $10 million (£7 million) worth of steroid products brought into the USA from China. "Since then, I've passed 11 tests as part of WWE's independent drug testing program".

The "mistake" that Reigns alluded to in his statement was a 30-day suspension from WWE for his first and only violation of the company's Wellness Policy. Lesner, who already enjoyed high status within the WWE, was suspended for one year by the UFC but received no punishment from the WWE.

Roman Reigns, who is now one of the biggest superstars in the sports entertainment business and is being heavily pushed as the franchise player of the company by promoter and owner Vince McMahon has landed into a big controversy being embroiled in the middle of a steroid scandal. Rodriguez also said that Hollywood stars Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel had used WFN.

Though the allegations had been out days earlier, various outlets picked up claims from a convicted steroid distributor that one of WWE's top superstars, Roman Reigns, was involved with a steroid ring.