Weather warning issued for north and northwest


"The strongest winds are expected to transfer eastwards across the warning area before clearing by late morning".

This could lead to slippery conditions for the Thursday morning rush hour - Bradford Council has blamed icy conditions on Tuesday night on rain showers washing grit off the roads.

Today they named #StormFionn showing collaborations can be tricky.

Today's snow warning has been raised to amber by the Met Office, with up to 10cm falling at low levels.

The most recent warning comes a few hours after some parts of Northern Ireland saw as much as 21cm of snowfall on Wednesday.

Forecaster with Met Eireann Liz Walsh says it will be extremely mild in the south.

Rescuers were drafted in to assist on the M74 motorway in Scotland, where jackknifed lorries stopped traffic from flowing freely in both directions as temperatures plummeted to -4C (25F).

Lahinch feeling the effects of storm Eleanor earlier this month.

"The Met Office weather warning system is created to alert the public to forthcoming weather events and I would ask that the public pay heed to these warnings, so they are not caught out".

While there's an orange warning for snow and ice in Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal.

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Public Health England issued cold weather alerts and health warnings in light of the cold weather, urging people to take extra care.

Snow has also already fallen in parts of northern England and Northern Ireland, with 1cm (0.4in) reported in Lough Fea.

More than 200 motorists were stranded overnight on the M74 as heavy snow and ice caused treacherous driving conditions.

The warning is valid until Thursday, January 18.

Met Éireann has advised that "westerly winds will reach mean wind speeds of 55 to 65km/h with gusts of 90 to 110km/h".

On higher ground (above 100m) then two to six cm of snow is forecast.

There is also an increased risk of coastal flooding due to the combination of the high seas, strong winds and the low pressure. This is an update to the warning, shrinking the yellow area and also the validity period.