Doctors warning parents after flu results in young hockey player's death


The boy was in Buffalo over the weekend as part of a youth hockey tournament called The Cup North American Championship.

The Connecticut Roughriders hockey club posted a bulletin to its website this week warning parents about the dangers of influenza.

Nico passed away after leaving a hockey tournament early this past weekend because he had been feeling unwell, district officials have said.

After Nico's parents rushed him to the hospital, the 10-year-old died Sunday morning.

Mallozzi's brother also tested positive for the flu, Reed said, adding: "This has been one of the worst flu seasons and I think it will continue until March".

The memorial fund for the boy has raised more than $130,000 in just two days.

The schools are planning a gathering at West School Monday from 10 noon to offer support for students and parents and "love".

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mallozzi family right now. A New Canaan health official reported to the Advertiser information that he received from a New York State medical examiner.

I know you join me in keeping them in our hearts. There was "no way to know in advance, no sign specifically" showing that Nico's body also was becoming overwhelmed by an infection due to pneumonia secondary to the flu at that point, Reed said.

It is with a heavy heart that the entire CT ROUGHRIDERS organization (players, family, coaches and managers) shares the news of the sudden passing of one of our 07 players, Nico Mallozzi. He was a "wonderful, enthusiastic, outgoing boy who was known school-wide for his high spirits, limitless energy, and quick smile", Luizzi said. "We're really going to miss him and remember him very fondly". He was taken to a hospital and diagnosed with the flu.

A GoFundMe created on January 15 for the "Nico Mallozzi Memorial Fund", meant to support the family and created by someone in the hockey community, raised $500 about 30 minutes after being created.