Amazon Echo Spot: 'Smart alarm clock' with Alexa comes to the UK


Amazon has opened up its voice platform to developers and device manufacturers and now has a host of products using Alexa - Toyota auto controls, the Vuzix smart spectacles, PCs and loads of home gadgets. Customers can order the device, which combines numerous abilities of Amazon's Alexa with a display screen, on Amazon's website, with shipping of the Echo Spot scheduled to begin on 24 January, said Amazon.

To incentivise pre-orders, Amazon UK is offering an Echo Spot two-pack for £200, a saving of £40. The design of the Spot is one of the best we've seen from Amazon, though.

If you've used any Echo - or Alexa in any form - you won't be surprised to hear that the Echo Spot does everything that the other devices do.

Announced back in September, the Echo Spot is a small, globular version of the Echo with a 2.5-inch screen and a built-in camera. The list of Alexa commands, as is evident by Tuesday's announcement, is expansive and growing with every new service or device it supports.

This echoes the results of a similar study carried out by Salmon in North America, which found eagerness to embrace voice-controlled devices for retail purposes among consumers.

Once you're awake, you can use the Spot to get your daily briefing and it will also show off video.

At CES, visitors marvelled at the number of Alexa-enabled products.

The Alexa-powered Amazon Echo Spot bedside speaker is now officially available for preorder in the United Kingdom and is set to start shipping later this month.

Both devices are designed for video calls and both feature the instant "drop in" feature that lets you make quick video calls without actually making the call. Priced at £119.99, it sounds like quite a jump for a device that essentially adds a display to an Echo Dot (£49.99), but we can't help feeling that the Spot has bags of bedside appeal.

You can use the Spot to watch videos as we mentioned and this includes those from Amazon Video.

Of course, apart from having superior alarm clock capabilities and a funky circular screen that can be turned into a clock, the Echo Spot has a lot more functionality too.

At £199.99/£229.99, the Echo Show is the most expensive Echo now available.