TAG Heuer unveils a smaller 'modular' luxury smartwatch running Android Wear


The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41 Android Wear watch features a number of improvements made to the 45 mm version.

It's available now starting at $1200.

As its name implies, the new watch has a 41mm diameter, down from 45mm on the Connected Modular 45. Tag Heuer has said that it'll be offering the same trade-in program that will let you swap in a mechanical movement for the electronic one once it becomes outdated, so you'll at least be able to get some mileage out of your $197,000 diamond-covered smartwatch, even after the processor and battery have aged to near uselessness.

True to its image as a luxury Swiss watchmaker, it was a natural step for TAG Heuer to release a connected watch with a classic design, made not just from modern materials such as titanium, but also precious materials including white gold and diamonds. Under the hood, the Connected Modular 41 runs on an Intel chipset, although more specific details haven't been revealed yet. Although it does make the otherwise incredibly expensive $1,600 price tag on the regular Connected Modular 45 look like a downright bargain in comparison. This is encased in a 2.5mm thick scratch resistant sapphire glass cover and features touch controls plus can be submerged in water up to 50 metres. Thanks to a smaller size, the new AMOLED screen offers improved 326 ppi density as well, despite a 390 x 390 resolution that's technically inferior to the 400 x 400 pixels delivered by the 1.39-inch first-gen version for a 287 ppi count. The new smartwatch is also water resistant to 50 meters and has Global Positioning System and an NFC sensor for contactless payment through Android Pay.

The beauty of the Connected Modular watches is the number of variations you can have when designing one.