Seal blasts Oprah over claims she didn't know about Harvey Weinstein allegations


While many people praised Oprah Winfrey following her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes Sunday, singer Seal said that Winfrey was "part of the problem" in Hollywood with a scathing post on social media. "In 2011, I told some jokes about our current president at the White House Correspondents Dinner - jokes about how he was unqualified to be president - and some have said that night convinced him to run".

Oprah Winfrey made it clear she wants us to know this name: Recy Taylor. I do think she was intrigued by the idea. "I want her to run for president", Streep told The Washington Post. He added, "No, I like Oprah".

Harvey Weinstein was accused multiple times by various women late a year ago of sexual assault and yesterday. "It would be a pretty good ticket". I think we'd win easily, actually.

The rumour mill then went into overdrive when CNN reported that sources close to the 63-year-old said she is "actively thinking" about challenging Trump.

Speculation about Winfrey running for White House has been around for some months now.

In 2017 she confessed that her view of the presidency was evolving in the wake of Donald Trump's victory.

She continued, "I think that has been one of my greatest wisdom-teachings, is to assess from people's behavior - their actions not just towards me, but towards other people - who they are and how they behave..."

The press secretary added: "Is she a successful individual?"

"Think of all the stars who owe Oprah", our insider said.

Hollywood heavyweight Steven Spielberg has thrown his support behind Oprah Winfrey should she make a bid for president in 2020.

She would have a 10-point lead over him if a vote were held today, a Rasmussen Reports survey found.

He says she'd be able to walk the walk when it comes to unifying a highly polarized electorate.

Winfrey never mentioned running for office.

In her powerful Golden Globes speech, Oprah spoke about press freedom, racism and sexual abuse before receiving a standing ovation with her closing words about the future.

Spielberg also believes Winfrey, whom he says is "crackerjack on the money on women's issues", could be an "ambassador of empathy".