Pakistan threatens India to start a nuclear war


Asked what if India undertakes any misadventure against Pakistan, Ghafoor said, "Well, it's their choice".

The spokesperson of Pakistan's Foreign Office Mohammad Faisal also termed the Indian army chief's statement as "irresponsible". General Rawat said in the press conference held in New Delhi.

The territorial dispute over Kashmir, which has sparked two wars, continues to strain bilateral ties and prevents India and Pakistan from resuming long-stalled political talks. I do not think any society accepts sermons on education from non-academics. "Education is a State subject and falls well within the State's domain", Mr. Bukhari said. "I would welcome sermons from academicians on how to run the education system".

Two days after four Supreme Court judges accused Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra of assigning cases selectively, Justice Kurian Joseph - one of the four rebel judges - said on Saturday that they acted exclusively in the interest of judiciary and justice. Why do we need a separate map for J&K? "(And if there has to be one) then there should be a map of every state", he had said.

The DG ISPR said India was involved in state-terrorism through non- conventional ways. "Our Chief Minister is capable enough to take decisions regarding the improvement of education department", he said.

"Perhaps the people who are giving comments on how we should run education sector are not doing their job properly and that's why we are suffering", said Bukhari. "They do their job well, all problem will be solved", Bukhari added.

The top military general said: "We are not getting into alliances but we are seeking support of other group of nations in the region so that we are not isolated against an assertive China".

The minister also defended the presence of two maps in the classroom.

Wachi MLA Aijaz Ahmad Mir had said on Thursday that nobody should celebrate the death of militants, calling them "brothers".

The intelligence sources said Indian Army killed 27 Pakistani soldiers in sniper firing a year ago while seven of its soldiers lost their lives in Pakistani sniper firing along the LoC.

"I believe that the militants are residents of Jammu and Kashmir".