U.S. issues 'Level 2 travel advisory to India' for its citizens


According to Bernier-Toth, the improvement was the first major step in many years and added that the information on the safety state of each nation were by "various parties". "The new travel advisories will continue to provide what we used to call the country-specific information about things like entry requirements, special circumstances, health issues perhaps, road safety issues and things like that".

The State Department, on Wednesday, issued a new travel advisory for several countries including India, and placed countries from Level 1 to 4.

Level four means do not travel due to the greater likelihood of life-threatening risks. Level four countries include Iraq, Iran, and Libya. Level three countries include Russian Federation, due to civil unrest in certain areas, and Venezuela, due to crime and a limited ability of the USA to provide assistance to citizens.

The new advisory issued today by the US Government cautions American tourists from traveling to India asking its citizens to "exercise increased caution" due to "crime and terrorism" prevailing in India.

"Advisories are based on information from intelligence agencies, United States embassies and host countries' governments,"she added. Levels Three and Four we review every six months just as we did Travel Warnings", the bureau's acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Overseas Citizen Services, Michelle Bernier-Toth was quoted as saying".

"Violent crime, such as sexual assault, has occurred at tourist sites and in other locations", it said.

India has received a rank or Level 2, indicating "exercise increased caution" while Pakistan has been ranked at Level 3, indicating "reconsider travel".

Explaining the revised U.S. notification system, State Department official Michelle Bernier-Toth told reporters that "over the years, we've come to recognise that sometimes our various documents were not readily understood".

USA citizens are not banned from traveling to Level Four countries.

In some countries, US embassy personnel are restricted from visiting particular states or provinces where the risks are considered higher.

North Korea is also Level Four, with the additional restriction that United States law prohibits American travellers from using their passports there, effectively banning visits.

Once again, the USA has issued a new travel advisory for countries including India on Wednesday.

But as a rough guide, America's per capita murder rate of 4.88 per 100,000 people puts it between Cuba at 4.72 ("reconsider travel") and Somalia at 5.56 ("do not travel").