Trump says US-Norway ties 'robust'


President Donald Trump says that it "seems unlikely" that he'd give an interview in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into potential coordination between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign. Prior to this meeting with Trump, Solberg had a press conference with the Norwegian media, after which she chose to catch a few Pokemon during her brief time off.

The Politico/Morning Consult poll comes on the heels of a reported push by US Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team to interview Trump, according to NBC News.

"I think the entire Mueller probe is infected by intractable bias", Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla. told CNN.

The discrepancy between what Trump said then and what he's saying now was encapsulated by a USA Today breaking news alert above a report about Trump's comments last June.

"There is collusion, but it's really with the Democrats and the Russians far more than it is with the Republicans and the Russians". "The Witch Hunt continues".

Leading Democratic lawmakers believe Mueller is investigating Trump in part over his firing of FBI Director James Comey, which Trump said was motivated by the Russian Federation investigation.

Strzok was removed from Mueller's team after the special counsel learned about the messages last summer. "Or would you demand that a strict set of parameters be placed around any encounter between you and the special counsel?"

While denying collusion with Russia, Trump's tweets did not mention another aspect of an investigation led by Mueller: Claims the president sought to obstruct justice in the Russia investigation by firing FBI Director James Comey in May. "When.nobody's found any collusion at any level, it seems unlikely that you'd even have an interview".

Trump has often invoked Feinstein on the collusion issue.

Trump said his message to congressional Republicans, while perceived as a call to end the investigations into collusion, was nothing more than him asking his party to "be tough". For 11 months, they've had this phony cloud over this administration, over our government. It does hurt our government.

"I wish we'd do some of that". Trump's lawyers have been making a pretense of cooperating with Mueller, but that pretense may have ended Wednesday. He is authorized to investigate Russia's interference in the 2016 election, its possible links to the Trump campaign, and "any matters that may arise directly from the investigation".