Stephen Miller Denies Being Escorted From CNN, Blasts Network's 'Low Journalistic Standards'


Blitzer's comments regarding Trump comes just days after White House advisor Stephen Miller and CNN's Jake Tapper engaged in a fiery exchange; with Miller slamming the network after the anchor questioned the President's mental health and fitness for office.

The tell-all book, Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House", has prompted a swift backlash from Trump and his White House.

Stephen Miller joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News Monday night, and naturally, the two were itching to rail against CNN's "extraordinary bias" against President Trump. He then attacked CNN's "salacious" reporting on the book and praised Trump as a "political genius".

Despite having "no knowledge" of the meeting, Miller said he was certain all of the allegations in Wolff's book are "a pure work of fiction" and "nothing but a pile of trash through and through".

"I have plenty of questions on immigration - you've attempted to filibuster by talking about your flights with the president", Tapper said.

The only problem was that this time someone leaked information that made it sound like Miller was a little too genuinely ruffled by Jake Tapper.

"I think the viewers right now can ascertain who is being hysterical", Tapper responded.

Miller was asked to leave the set multiple times but refused, after which security stepped in and escorted him off the "State of the Union" set, a CNN employee confirmed to The Hill. "And you're being obsequious, you're being a factotum in order to please him".

Miller could be heard protesting off-camera while Tapper moved on to the next segment.

This article has been updated to include that Miller was reportedly escorted from the CNN set, as well as the post-show transcript.