Netanyahu-Putin meeting date to be agreed on soon - Israeli embassy


Joint Secretary in External Affairs Ministry, Dr. Bala Bhaskar said, during his week-long tour, the Israeli Prime Minister will also visit Agra, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

A local Indian news agency, Press Trust India, reported on Thursday that Delhi is mulling whether to revive the deal and purchase the missiles through a government-to-government-deal, according to unnamed official sources.

Last month, India joined the overwhelming Assembly majority to vote for the resolution that demanded that the United States comply with Security Council decisions against changing the status of Jerusalem.

In Mumbai on January 18, Netanyahu would be meeting with the Indian Jewish community.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu next week will be leading a delegation of 130 businessmen to India, where meetings and discussions will surround energy, defense, agriculture and other possible avenues of cooperation.

Pointing towards the tremendous strengthening of ties on all fronts, Netanyahu expressed optimism saying, "overtime I hope I will see a reflection of that more often in the voting of India in worldwide forums".

Modi will be reciprocating the reception he received from Netanyahu during his visit to Israel in July.

At a briefing in Jerusalem on Wednesday to discuss Netanyahu's trip to India, Gilad Cohen, the Foreign Ministry's deputy director general for Asia and Pacific, refused to comment on the weapons deal between the two countries. On Tuesday, Mr Netanyahu will visit the Taj Mahal and then attend the annual "Raisina Dialogue" geo-political conference, news agency AFP reported.

The two leaders are expected to travel from the Ahmedabad airport to the Sabarmati Ashram in the city by road, people familiar with the plan said.

Netanyahu is also scheduled to visit a Centre of Excellence in Agriculture at Vardad, Gujarat, that has been set up with Israeli assistance. "iCreate" was formally launched in 2011 by Modi when he was the chief minister.

Israel has become a major defense supplier to India, selling an average of $1 billion of military equipment each year.

Foreign policy experts in New Delhi said Modi had made significant changes in diplomatic and strategic ties with Israel while at the same time retaining links with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.