McMaster: Relations Between US And Pakistan Can No Longer Bear Contradictions


On Wednesday, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley had said that Donald Trump is prepared to stop all funding to Pakistan unless it stops harbouring terrorists.

Opposition leader termed US President's behaviour as "extensively regrettable" and said that reality is contrary to allegations levelled against Pakistan as the country has paid heavy price for becoming American ally in Afghan wars.

"If Trump wants to bring Pakistan to heel, he will have to apply far greater pressure".

Launching a scathing attack at Pakistan, Trump wrote that Pakistan was providing "safe haven to terrorists we continue to hunt in Afghanistan".

Trump's tweet followed a report late last week that said his administration is considering withholding $ 225 million in aid to Pakistan over frustration with its handling of terror networks - a long-standing source of tensions between the USA and Pakistan. "No more!" Trump posted on the micro-blogging site today. After 15 years, now the USA has finally realised the lies of Pakistan.

In reponse to Trump's tweet, Khawaja Asif suggested that an audit would "let the world know who is lying and deceiving".

Washington has long accused Islamabad, particularly its security institutions, of turning a blind eye or covertly helping the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani Network to stage cross-border attacks against Afghan and US -led forces.

Soon after the US President's tweet, the White House confirmed that the US had suspended its $255 million military aid to Pakistan.

On Monday, Pakistan's Foreign Office summoned US Ambassador David Hale to record a protest over Trump's tweet.

"No, I haven't seen any change yet in their behavior", Nicholson told reporters after a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation defense ministers meeting in Brussels when asked whether Pakistan was cooperating more in eliminating Taliban sanctuaries.

Trump reaffirmed his allegation that Pakistan provides safe haven to the terrorists and doesn't cooperate in the anti-terrorism operation against the banned outfits in Afghanistan.

According to reports, the NSC meeting was expected to be briefed by the Foreign Ministry on Pakistan's diplomatic efforts while the Director General Military Operations will detail the efforts taken in the fight against terrorism.

"The trend lines have not been good, and the tweet gives an indication of the turmoil that awaits in 2018", said Michael Kugelman, the senior associate for South Asia at the Woodrow Wilson Center.