China Ordered 184 Airbus Planes


During the visit of the French Head of State, several large deals were signed, the value of which was also not publicly announced.

The French Development Agency and the state-run China Development Bank are due to sign a cooperation agreement for co-financing of projects to fight climate change in Africa.

Macron, who is the first foreign head of state to visit China this year, is nonetheless trying to woo China on environmental cooperation now that Beijing stands as the world leader in green efforts since the U.S. pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords.

Macron's visit to Beijing is meant to strengthen ties between China and France and also to stabilize trade relations between Europe and Beijing, reports the French media.

After their talk, Xi and Macron jointly met with delegates attending the first meeting of the France-China entrepreneurs' council. President Xi said the two countries will deepen their "strategic cooperation".

French nuclear group Areva is close to signing a commercial deal to build a nuclear reprocessing plant, the official added.

Ninety percent of China's beef imports come now from Brazil, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand.

The Chinese president told him Beijing is on the verge of buying 184 Airbus A320 jetliners, according to French President Emmanuel Macron, who's wrapping up a visit to China.

Securing A380 sales in China has become a priority for Airbus, after the aircraft's main buyer, Dubai's Emirates Airline, failed to close an expected order for 30 new jets late a year ago.

On Monday (Jan. 8) evening, Macron tweeted a video of himself practicing saying 让地球再次伟大 (rang diqiu zaici weida), or "Make our planet great again" in Mandarin.

Macron said that too often in the past, European countries had come to China with widely varying agendas with some seeking more openness and others wary of more granting more access to their markets.

"With the aim of reducing its energy intensity by 15 percent by the year 2020, China represents an energy service market with high potential", Levy said in a statement.

French banking giant BNP Paribas is also expected to set up a joint venture with a Chinese partner in the consumer credit sector, the same official said.