Akayed Ullah Indicted In Failed Pipe Bombing Near Port Authority


A Bangladeshi immigrant has been indicted on terrorism charges in the USA for last months botched bombing in a New York City subway station.

Court documents state that Ullah carried a 9-volt battery inside his trousers pocket with wires connected to a metal pipe.

The indictment charges Akayed with material support of a terrorist organization, use of a weapon of mass destruction and four other related counts. Ullah is suspected of strapping a pipe bomb to his body and setting it off in a subway passageway.

He said he had been inspired by ISIS attacks on Christmas markets in Europe, and was looking to retaliate for USA airstrikes in Syria, according to The New York Times.

FILE - In this December 12, 2017, file photo, a Bangladeshi man reads a national newspaper whose front pages shows the news of 27-year-old Bangladeshi man Akayed Ullah, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Ullah was the only person seriously hurt on December 11 when the bomb went off in a corridor linking the subway to Manhattan's Port Authority bus terminal. He answered, "Yes." When asked for his plea, Ullah responded, "At this moment, not guilty".

His court-appointed attorney, Amy Gallicchio, did not elaborate on the plea outside court. And she said he needed some of the dressing on his wounds changed.

Ullah was treated at Bellevue Hospital after the blast for burns and cuts to his hands and abdomen and is now in custody at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Ullah began to self-radicalize three years ago, authorities said, but law enforcement said he wasn't on their radar before the subway attack.

The judge said he may set a trial date at the next hearing, which was set for April 13.

"Trump you failed to protect your nation", Akayed Ullah wrote on his social media site in the run-up to the attack.

Kim said Ullah picked his target and timed his attack in order to "maximize human casualties."The bomb, however, did not fully explode". The president later demanded tightened immigration rules.

Police said Ullah had been inspired by the Islamic State terror group and was angry about US -led bombings of IS territory in the Middle East.