Tennessee vs. New England, Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh-It's on in the AFC!


Let's see if Tennessee or Jacksonville can prove that theory wrong this weekend.

He grew up watching the New England Patriots legend shred defenses, which will make Saturday night in Foxborough a little more surreal.

Wickersham said Belichick planned to start Garoppolo sooner than later after Brady turned 40.

With the injury to DeMarco Murray, many thought the Titans' running game was going to struggle, but it has actually improved with second-year back Derrick Henry stepping up.

"He's the ultimate professional and he (makes) his teammates better and he demands a lot", Amendola said. They are, by far, the more experienced side: 14 Patriots players have played at least 10 playoff games.

IN is the only team with multiple wins over the three-time defending Eastern Conference champs and can make it three in a row when the Cavs come to town Friday. In his postseason career, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is averaging 267.5 passing yards and 1.9 passing touchdowns. Wickersham reported that after Brady expressed his intention to play into his mid-40s, Kraft then ordered Belichick to trade long-time back-up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

"We do what we always do". Mike and (general manager) Jon (Robinson) have changed the culture of our team and organization and I am so happy we have been able to bring success on the field to our fans - winning 19 games over the last two seasons, including our first playoff win in nine years. "His competitive nature is bigger than anybody else's in here, so I know he wants to win every single game, and we're just here to help him do that". It doesn't really matter what happens outside of this facility, and what we're trying to accomplish.

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PREDICTION: It took tremendous persistence and some good luck for the Titans to win at Kansas City last week. At home in Gillette Stadium, the Patriots offense will shine on its way to yet another AFC championship appearance.

Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia says Henry is powerful with a risky stiff-arm. The pressure isn't that big of a deal considering Tom Brady is by far the number one quarterback in the league under pressure (136.6 passer rating, almost 50 points higher than number two, according to data from ESPN). "I can't complain. I like where I am". He's been doing this in college, and now everyone just starting to see it because it's prime-time, and we're in the playoffs.

Pittsburgh also gets back receiver Antonio Brown, like Bell an All-Pro this season. He gained more yards running than throwing vs. Buffalo in the wild-card round. An epic collapse reminiscent of last year's Super Bowl was the Patriots' come from behind victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

After showing impressive poise against the Rams, it's on to Philadelphia, which is the NFC's top seed for the first time since 2004 but is led by backup quarterback Nick Foles following a season-ending knee injury to MVP hopeful Carson Wentz. The time off figures to be helpful for them to get back into the lineup and game plan. There's a reason I've been able to do what I've been able to do.

Said the former Georgia Tech star Morgan of Lebeau's coaching acumen: "He's probably been in 50 playoff games, so we trust him". They lost 59-0 in 2009, tying the most lopsided loss in National Football League history in the process.

In Blake Bortles, the Steelers will face a quarterback who ran for more yards (88) than he threw for (87) Sunday and who put together one decent drive all day.