Senators Make Bets on Vikings-Saints Game


If the Saints win, the city of New Orleans will receive a shipment of Minnesota wild rice. According to a Facebook post, the group says their demonstration will be held in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., who, the group says, would protest police violence if he were alive today.

"Our Saints are on fire behind the league's best offense led by Brees, Kamara and Ingram". "I know Mayor Frey is just starting out in office, so I'll give him a little leeway. There would no better way to kick off New Orleans' 300th anniversary than to bring home the Lombardi Trophy again for the Who Dat Nation".

It's nearly here. Fans of the Minnesota Vikings have been patiently waiting to see the team in action during the playoffs and on Sunday, January 14, 2018 they will face off against the New Orleans Saints.

"I look forward to welcoming the Saints to Minnesota this Sunday".

"I have no doubts the Saints will beat the Vikings this Sunday and continue their path to the Super Bowl". In a salute to the Vikings and Minnesota's many dairy cows, Senator Klobuchar wagered purple-colored homemade ice cream against a king cake from Senator Kennedy.

Take A Knee Nation Twin Cities says that over the Super Bowl weekend the group plans to host a conference on race and police violence in Minneapolis. It's slated to go for about an hour, up until the game starts at 3:40 p.m.