NHS crisis in Cumbria: Wards full, beds blocked and ambulance handovers delayed


Cordery said the waiting times for ambulances were concerning as this also tied up crews who could be attending other events.

"They need more than just extra cash to cope with these challenges - it also needs leadership and a strategy that works - something which has been sadly lacking in recent days".

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is now at operational pressures escalation level three after going to level four on Tuesday, known as "black alert".

"We have opened up additional capacity as we had planned to in order to meet the demand at this busy time of year".

"Coupled with that, there are people in hospital beds both in the accute hospital at the Royal Cornwall and at Derriford, and also in community hospitals, who have finished their episode of care there and could go home or be transferred to a more appropriate setting".

Prime minister Theresa May meets patient Sandra Dunn at Frimley Park Hospital on Thursday.

It has a growing catchment population of 535,000 residents in east Surrey and north east West Sussex and is the designated hospital for Gatwick Airport and the local M25 and M23 motorway network. "The Trust, as well as the wider NHS, is still experiencing incredibly high demand and is under extreme pressure", a spokesperson for EEAS said.

According to the statistics, 3,426 ambulances took patients to accident and emergency hospitals across the county between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. This happens when trusts can no longer guarantee patient safety and provide their full range of services.

NHS England figures reveal hospitals are now at 91.7% capacity - much higher than what's considered to be a safe limit of 85%.

This represents a 42 per cent rise on the 11,900 which endured half hour handover waits the week previously. Finance Secretary Derek Mackay said he had been told by experts that attempting to raise more would backfire because wealthy people would rearrange their affairs to pay less.

"This is not a decision that is ever taken lightly because of how upsetting delays can be, but by doing this we have been able to free up senior doctors and nurses to help find ways to relieve some pressure where possible".

Mrs May said: 'I know it's hard, I know it's frustrating, I know it's disappointing for people, and I apologise'.

In a tweet, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said May's response was "not good enough". There certainly is a commitment from everybody who has a say in the provision of health and social care in Northern Ireland that we move forward with that transformation.

"We have consultants wandering around the ambulances trying to ascertain what they can do". I want to tell them that so am I. So are all healthcare workers.

Butler-Smith said she and her sisters had been left feeling especially anxious when ambulance staff informed them their mother was still in the midst of having a stroke while she waited. Her mother kept falling in and out of consciousness, while she and her sister tried to keep her spirits up.